Vacheron Constantin Overseas replica watch review

Everyone knows that Vacheron Constantin is a prestigious brand that makes some of the most traditional and elegant watches on the planet. Just just a few of us know that the company also has a sporty and less traditional line designed for those who adore complications that are useful in everyday live. Let me present you the Vacheron Constantin Overseas, an invitation to travel.vacheron-constantin-overseas

So if you love sporty watches with a classic twist then you will surely adore this Vacheron Constantin Overseas replica watch with blue dial date function and sub-dials. I, for one, like very much the looks of this watch. I know that it is a timepiece intended for the sophisticated and wealthy man who likes to travel and dress well, but why shouldn’t I enjoy the same luxurious feeling? Continue reading →

Rolex Replica Pearlmaster Watch Report


The Lady Pearlmaster from Rolex comes in many forms. But all incarnations of the Pearlmaster share a regal elegance like no other. Each of the different models have a special feature unique to itself. I won’t spoil the fun by explaining each model, but looking into each one is time well spent. All of the Pearlmasters have a COSC certified movement, a 29mm case, a water-resistance of 100 meters, and a sapphire crystal.

Replica Rolex watches designed in the Pearlmaster spirit would definitely look nice. Furthermore, you may even be able to find some replica watches that use a different interpretation of the “Pearlmaster” style, rather than simply imitating a genuine model as closely as possible.Rolex-Lady-Datejust-Pearlmaster

Rolex Replica NEW Yachtmaster – The Sailor’s Piece


Yes I know, I know. I am completely aware that I wrote about Rolex’s feminine variation of its Yachtmaster design. But after seeing Rolex’s NEW Yachtmaster II design for gentlemen, I can’t help but write about it. Just as the name “Yachtmaster” implies, this watch and any replica Rolex watches based on it suits the sailing profession much better than any other timepiece.

At 44mm, the Yactmaster II’s case is 4mm longer in diameter than its predecessor. Another distinguishing feature from the original Yachtmaster is its rotatable ring command bezel, which can be made out of a special blue cerachrome disc. Not only does this disc adds a bit of flair to the color scheme, but its scratch resistant material also serves to protect the watch.

Other features include a self-winding COSC certified movement, 100m waterproofing, and a typical “Yachtmaster style” oyster lock. This piece even has a custom countdown and mechanical memory! The Yachtmaster II or a more affordable “Yachtmaster II style” replica watch would be a joy for any serious sailor to put on his wrist. The Yachtmaster II is by far one of the best nautical watches I have seen in sometime.