U-Boat Replica Review, Photo And Video – U Boat U1001 Replica

Let me tell you guys, I’m very excited about this U-Boat replica review! The main reason is because it’s the first time one of these babies gets to be on my blog. Somehow, they’ve managed to get away and this is a little strange because I consider this type of masculine, large designs to be the best watches for men who want to make a statement. That being said, let’s get on with it and see what this U Boat U1001 replica is all about. Like always, I’m going to post a few photos and I’m going to include a video as well, just so you can get a better idea about it.U-Boat-Replica-Review-U-Boat-U1001-Replica

U-Boat Replica Review – General Outlook

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Zenith replica Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium Watch Hands-On

Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium Watch Hands-On Hands-On

It happened earlier this year that Zenith replica watches released their Academy Georges Favre-Jacot watch in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the brand. Housed in a classical rose gold case, the watch was designed to draw attention to a bold new manufacture movement and put its fusée and chain mechanism under the spotlight. It was a bold watch that, as Zenith in general has been doing rather successfully lately, merged contemporary design with traditional mechanics. Now, just after the 150th anniversary, Zenith is presenting this also-limited edition follow-up, featuring the same movement dressed in a considerably more modern outfit with the Zenith Replica Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium watch. Read Full Post…


As one the world's most loved brands, Longines watches have always been a favourite here at The Watch Gallery - and with good reason.
As one the world’s most loved brands, Longines Replica watches have always been a favourite here at The Watch Gallery – and with good reason.

A Longines watches review can unearth some hidden (and welcome) surprises beneath all the clockwork and the devil really is in the detail. Based in Saint-Imier, Swizterland, Longines was first founded by Auguste Agassiz, just one individual belonging to a prestigious family that birthed scientists, merchants and of course, watchmakers. Success was always a given. Read Full Post…

Montblanc Star 4810 Chronograph Automatic Replica Watch Review

Looks like this Montblanc replica watch has a good share of popularity among my readers and it seems that the simple black on black stylish watch always works for most of us. It’s been a couple of months if I remember correctly since I got this piece and started wearing it occasionally to see how and if people are interested in it.

Even though Montblanc fake watches are not among the most popular replica watches, brands simply because the brand although it has a solid place among the Swiss watchmakers it’s not viewed as one of the top luxury brands, this replica Montblanc Star managed to spark some good interest and I got some good looks and questions and feedback from wearing it.

Montblanc Star 4810 watch
Montblanc Star 4810 watch

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